​Buti Yoga = Energetic, fun, fusion of yoga, dance, and plyometrics; Non-Heated; All Levels
Hot 45, 50, 60, 70, 75 minutes = Duration of class; Bikram Method; 105° with 40% humidity; All Levels
Heated Sculpt / YogaSculpt = Body toning/sculpting with or without hand weights; 90°; Music; All Levels
Hot Pilates = Core-strengthening floor work, high intensity interval training; 95°; Music; All Levels
Meditation = Guided group meditation; learn to let go of anger, depression, anxiety, and fear; Non-heated; All Levels
Power Flow = Fluid Vinyasa Power Flow sequence promotes strength and flexibility; 90°; Music; All Levels
PiYo = Fusion of Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga; Muscle sculpting and yoga stretching; 95°; Music; All Levels
SS = Semi Silent; Bikram Method with music & little instruction; 105° with 40% humidity; Music; All Levels
Vinyasa Flow = A dynamic, fun class of synchronized movement and breath work; 90°; Music; All Levels
Warm 60 = Bikram Method; 60 minutes; ONLY 99° with 40% humidity; good introduction to the heat; All Levels
Yin = Connective deep tissue/fascia stretching; Gently held postures; Non-heated; Music; All Levels​​

Classes subject to change, modification, and/or cancellation. 
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